Raised in beautiful northern California, I eventually landed on the opposite coast to attend graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. It was there that, ever ambivalent, I studied American art, literature, and history. My fondest memories of Philadelphia involve the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Koch's Deli, and dumpster digging, one adventure that included retrieving and dragging home an 80 pound gargoyle from the demolition site of the old Gimbels department store building. I delight in exploring art in all the usual places, as well as being mindful of innovative design in everyday objects. I currently reside in western Massachusetts. 

In the spring of 2009 I took my first course in mosaics, one that focused on the indirect method, a technique that I have employed ever since. For the indirect method, I place my materials face-side-down on sticky paper, not knowing the final results of my design until I turn the piece over into a bed of cement. It is through a certain controlled randomness, a willingness to cede one's expectations to gravitational forces and the power of sticky tape that I apply the indirect technique to expand the boundaries of this art form. 

This is a process of chance, choice, and discovery.


2017 New England Mosaic Society, Juror's Choice Award for "Wheels."



Accepted to the 2019 International Exhibit, Society of American Mosaic Artists. Juried exhibit, 36 artists selected. Nashville, TN, January 26 - May 2019.



If you would like more information on a piece, or are interested in seeing more of my work, please email me at:

My work is also available at: Hope and Feathers 

Thank you Nashville nightly news for featuring my work, along with several others, currently on exhibit at the Parthenon Museum. “Tokyo” appears twice in the piece and is commented on by a visitor to the museum.